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Touching the awe and the spiritual that the cosmos invokes.
Presenting images that the Hubble Telescope has not found yet.
  May of 2003 I had a Solo show at the Cincinnati Observatory Center. Around 200 people attended the opening. I even got sponsorship for the show from the Celestial Restaurant and from the public radio station WVXU - the X-star network. Overall more than 1500 people saw the work as it hung at the observatory for 3 months. The show was a win/win for both the showing of my cosmic art and for exposure for the COC.
2003 also had me part of a group show at the University of Cincinnati.
The ongoing and always updated Series: "The Astronomy of Astrology". I am using the Zodiac signs and the public's interest in Astrology to tweak the curiosity and feed the knowledge of Astronomy. I find deep space objects in or near the Zodiac constellations and apply my artistic interpretations to them in a round format. As pieces sell they are replaced with another version of either the same subject matter or something new from that constellation.
I have started to create limited edition Giclee reproductions of the "Astronomy in Astrology" series as the demand is there. My goal is to have a full set of 12 giclees. They are printed on canvas and are hard to distinguish from a real painting. Done on 18" diameter circles so they are both easier on the budget and on the wall space. Call for more details. Several of these are now showing at The River's Edge Gallery at the Cincinnati Airport.
I have started working in even larger tondo formats - 49" diameter. Some of them are multidimensional. I am even working on one that is 2-sided to be suspended from the ceiling.

December 2004 - January 2005: Solo show at Atwood Gallery, St. Cloud State University, MN. Opening attended by about 150 people. Beautiful response. The works stay up in St. Cloud for a couple of months at various other venues chosen by an art commissioner from the area. Then another solo show at the Alice R. Rogers Gallery, St. John's University from March through April.

I have shows at various hospitals, health and activity centers, restaurants and coffeehouses as well. I am open to many different venues to show my art. I want the general public to see my work along with the gallery goers.

Also slated for 2005:

Group Show at Perkins Observatory
Group Show at Ohio Art League

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